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management and team

The management of the Museum of Indigenous Cultures is carried out by ACAM Portinari in partnership with the Secretariat of Creative Culture, Economy and Industry of the State of São Paulo and the Maracá Institute, with the leadership of the Aty Mirim Indigenous Council.


Founded on November 27, 1996, ACAM Portinari is a Cultural Social Organization based in Brodowski, São Paulo. It manages three other cultural facilities owned by the State Government: Casa de Portinari Museum in Brodowski, Felícia Leirner Museum and Cláudio Santoro Auditorium in Campos do Jordão, and Índia Vanuíre Museum in Tupã. Additionally, ACAM Portinari supports the actions of SISEM-SP (State System of Museums of São Paulo).

The mission of ACAM Portinari is to manage the museums under its responsibility through research, conservation, and dissemination of collections, with socio-environmental responsibility. It contributes to human development and is committed to social justice, democracy, and citizenship.

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Founded on December 4, 2017, the Maracá Institute is a non-profit organization with no political-party or religious affiliations. It is headquartered in São Paulo and its board is composed of important indigenous leaders in the country, such as Ailton Krenak, Davi Kopenawa Yanomami, Sandra Benites, Cristine Takuá, and Carlos Papá.

As a non-governmental organization, the Maracá Institute aims to protect, disseminate, and enhance indigenous cultural heritage. It also advocates for indigenous rights and works towards strengthening the autonomy of indigenous peoples.

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