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Lost and Found

The Museum of Indigenous Cultures has a Lost and Found Office. All items (objects and documents) found within the cultural facility and/or turned in to our team are cataloged and stored for a period of 90 days, during which they are available for retrieval by their owners. After this period, if the item has not been claimed, it will be donated to partner institutions.

If you have lost an item during your visit, you can contact us by phone at (11) 3873-1541 or email at The return of the item will be arranged based on information regarding the date and likely location where it was lost, as well as descriptions of the item. In the case of electronic devices, we kindly request that you provide the original purchase receipt, and if not possible, any evidence proving ownership.

For the return of any item, we request that the claimant presents a form of identification (ID card or CPF) and signs a receipt document.

If you have lost an item during your visit, please fill out this form.


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